1-1 Thar Blows Adventure!

Exactly like the movie The Notebook, only instead of Alzheimers, we kill Pirates

Our intrepid PCs, a rag-tag and scruple-less band of whatever-at-arms has accepted a commission from the Altannian Navy as auxiliary pirate hunters. Sailing east on the A.R.S. Shelby a 2 Masted Steam corvette they are providing the muscle for her commander, Captain Arren. Assisted by first mate Mr. Quin they are honing in on their last bounty the infamous pirate Captain Blackblood.

Blackblood’s trail of, er, blood (/facepalm) stretches all along the coastal trade routes of the Southern Alta shore. He takes no prisoners and is rumored to be trailed by a school of bloodthirsty sharks who have learned that is Blackbloods sails are raised then food will shortly be coming OFF THE END OF A WELL WORN PLANK!!!!!!!

Mr. Quin’s port spy network has confirmed that Blackblood was last seen in the sleepy harbor of Galiouse on one of teh near eastern islands where his scurvy dogs had commandeered the local tavern as their flop-house. They are reported to have treated locally beloved waitress Brandy (who’s a fine girl) poorly.

Blackblood and his men are wanted dead (400gp) or alive (600gp) but you can keep any of the foul pirate or his crews personal effects as additional compensation. Blackblood or his enormous gilded tri-corn hat as proof of his demise can be returned to the bounty office in Baan for payment in full.



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