Caprice is playing Caprice (such imagination!) a Human Dragon Sorcerer who will probably do more damage to her allies than her enemies (re: close blast DPS)
Fergus is Playing Fable a Elven Avenger/Ranger Hybrid (re: twang twang arrows in bitches, run up and smack them witha two hander and a holy curse)
Bob “Ihvanator” Dean is playing Ghesh a Dragonborn Bravura Warlord (re: healer, melee, damage buffer)
Imri is playing Abysinthe, a Cunning Gnome Bard (re: healer, ranged debuffer)
Stefan is playing Aisllen (sic?) a Deva Avenger (as above with fergus but with less Twang twang)
Christopher is playing Zainne a Human Swordmage (melee striker/defender)
Jacob is playing Sheldor, a Dragonborn Fey Pact Warlock (re: zap zap, teleport)
Don is playing Tarkov, a Protection style Dwarf Paladin (re: the tank) of Avandra

Things I (Glenn) would like to know about you and your PC to be placed on your wiki page.

Character survey

  • Describe your character in ten words or less
  • Does he have any striking or distinguishing features (tattoos,scars, red hair like a freak irishman?)
  • Does she have any particular mannerisms or behaviors?
  • What is his/her role in the group?
  • Why did they choose to become adventurers?
  • Where does she want to travel?
  • What job would this character be best suited for if it didn’t have a life of stabbing mans in the face with their owwie knife.
  • What magic items are you looking to aquire?

Player questions

On a scale of 1-10 rate each of the following environments as adventure locales
The Wilderness! (full of bears and trees)
The City! (full of hoity toity lords and ladies, slightly less bears)
The Dungeons! (full of sentient mold that somehow evolved to a diet of 1st level adventurers)
Unusual Locations! (upside down castles in another dimension, Ohio)

On a scale of 1-10 rate the following adventure types
Long linear campaigns (that require me to write Robert Jordan-esque backstory)
Short Adventures (episodic TV format)
Long Adventures (3-4 session plots, Picrad becomes a BORG WTFOMGBBQ!!! style)
Open exploration (somewhat unrelated encounters that are geoggraphically clustered)

On a scale of 1-10 rate your enjoyment of the following types of play
Combat (rolling 20s and dropping bitches to 0hp)
Role Playing (Drama class here we come!)
puzzles and mysteries (Hrrmmm how can i Elf theme this wordsearch for the players)


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